The NightOut mobile App is a location services App – It lets you check for local services such as Bars, Cafes, Restaurants, CashPoints & Cinemas which are displayed on a map.
You can also take your search further afield by simply moving the map using standard iOS controls (Pinch-to-zoom, Pan / Swipe etc). Simply Select as many search items as you wish displayed and click the search icon.

When the results are displayed on the map, you can select an individual result (map Pins are shown for each result) and get more detailed information such as Name of item, Address of Item, rating of item.

It couldnt be easier – just take this App with you on a NightOut!

If you need some help / assistance on using this iOS App or to report a bug, why not fill out our online contact form and someone will get in touch…

Please note – this app is only available on iOS 6.1 or higher